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Seaport Academy will host an open house for special education professionals and child advocates on Wednesday April 7 from 1:00–3:00 pm at Seaport Academy's waterfront facility in Charlestown, MA.

There's been a lot going on at Seaport in the last six months and this event offers educators a great opportunity to re-acquaint themsleves with Seaport's...

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A letter from Alex Tsonas, director of Seaport Academy...

Dear Friends,

The past few months have been busy at Seaport. We’re always striving to improve the quality of our program and the services we provide to our students. Now, after a great deal of thought, conversation and research, we’re proud to announce a number of important changes:

We have a new name—Seaport Academy!

“Seaport Campus” was once part of another program...