For Schools

As part of our mission to support schools in improving the quality of the education they can provide, we offer the following services.

  • School Operation and Management
    Schools for Children currently owns and operates three schools. We are interested in expanding our portfolio of schools and welcome inquiries. Please visit our program websites for more information about our schools.
  • New Thinking in Educational Services
    Schools for Children develops and pilots new concepts in education. We're especially interested in serving students who may otherwise fall through the cracks. A good example of our work is the STEP Program, a service we created for students who have been temporarily excluded from their public schools. (Read a case study about STEP here.) We welcome inquiries from schools and educators interested in new ideas for meeting educational challenges.
  • Fiscal Management and Operational Support
    Schools for Children has been successfully managing and growing schools since 1981. For many schools, Schools for Children can serve as a cost-effective alternative to a traditional business office, freeing administrators to focus on delivering quality education. Our financial experience includes administration for government funding, (state and local), tuition payments and financial aid. Public systems, charter schools, independent schools and human services organizations are encouraged to call us and learn more about our growing management and operational support offerings.

To learn more about any of our services for schools, please call Schools for Children at 781.641.2424 or email us at